Birth Photography in a nutshell

Birth is a unique experience. A story only told once. When you think of birth you may think WHY…? But birth photography is so much more than that. You might think it’s gross or something to personal to photograph. Allow me to show you the true beauty of birth and how amazing it actually is.

In order to become a registered birth photographer, I passed the exams and signed an Oath of Conduct. This means that I will capture your journey with respect and professionalism. Birth photography is all natural and done without posing. My goal is to document your journey without getting in your way.

Hiring a registered birth photographer will ensure that your precious memories are captured. Another perk of hiring a registered birth photographer? I am able to capture your birth at home or at the hospital so this means I document natural and belly births. Having me on your birth team ensures that your birth journey will be documented from start to finish. I am on call for your birth from 38 weeks up until the day of delivery. Capturing your birth is my only priority when you hire me.

Capturing the unexpected moments of your birth journey fuels my passion for birth photography. As women we go trough this amazing experience filled with RAW emotion and while it may not be high on your list you should invest in a birth photographer. This is a once in a lifetime event DOCUMENT it!

If you would like to know more about birth photography please visit the SABPA website. If you would like to read trough the Oath of Conduct please click here . Feel free to contact me for any further information or questions that you might have.

Your birth journey is a once in a lifetime event DOCUMENT it!

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