Becoming a birth doula

Did you know the ancient meaning of the word ” doula ” in Greek is ” Woman’s servant “. You see woman have always supported woman.

When I started my journey to become a birth doula I asked myself, ” Do you really want to do this ? ” and the answer was a wholehearted YES ! A few years back I wouldn’t have been so confident but in these last few years I made some huge changes in my life and I wanted to do something that would fulfill me as a person. I started my career as a birth photographer early in 2021 and that’s where I first fell in love with birth. Being able to capture the miraculous event forever made me realize how absolutely sacred this experience is and how important it is to choose your birth team wisely.

When I started my training with Mama Bamba I was blown away. It was nothing like I expected it was even better. I met the most amazing ladies with whom I shared so much laughter, love, tears and support. I didn’t expect that I would learn so much about myself while learning how to support a woman through the most sacred journey that she will ever experience. The training was mind expanding and eye opening. Being a part of a circle of woman where everybody embraces you for who you are, a beautiful bubble of acceptance, is refreshing in the world we live in today. Realizing that woman are so much more powerful than we are aware of is an awaking in myself and I cherish this feeling. 

I realized that being a doula is so much more than just being at a birth. It’s the breath we share when the surges take over your body, it’s the small whispers of encouragement when I can see that you want to give up, the gentle touch on your back when the waves pulled you down under and you are coming back up for air. Being a doula is holding space for a couple that is becoming new parents to a brand new soul, helping to guide them through the unknown. You see it’s a connection between the earth and the heavens and it deserves all the respect in the world. We deserve to reconnect with our bodies and become more aware of the power we hold inside ourselves.

Since becoming a doula I have been privileged enough to bear witness to 3 woman becoming mothers. I was humbled by each birth space because this has taught me that woman are sacred and strong. Each experience was different but all had one thing in common … strong woman. I worked with each of these woman through their labors and birth and helped with breastfeeding. We had an unspoken bond after each birth. Them settling in with their new souls and into their power as a woman and me the doula that was there to hold space for them while they birthed themselves and their babies. A beautiful bond to have indeed.

There is a time in birth called the transition and this is where the magic happens. While it might not seem like this on the outside, it’s what’s happening on the inside. There is this amazing quote I would like to share which best describes this magic for me …

” The transition from Maiden to Mother is a potent and powerful spiritual experience, a sacred rite of passage and initiation to help you deepen into your wisdom as a WOMAN and power as a creator. You are not only giving birth to your baby, you are birthing yourself as a mother. – Donna Raymond “

You see it’s not only about the new soul coming earth side it’s about the new mother that was born with this new soul. We tend to overlook the sacred part of birth because we don’t experience the raw intensity of birth in today’s society. I wish to bring you back to this part of yourself where your courage lays and bring out your inner goddess.

So becoming a birth doula was a good choice because since then I have stepped into my space as a doula and realized how crucial birth is and how important it is for woman to have an empowered, informed and positive birth experience.

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