World Doula Week

The first day of world doula week starts with the theme of “Doulas make a difference”.  It’s pretty exciting to be able to join in on this week!

So how do doulas make a difference? Being a doula is the act of educating, loving, respecting, listening, embracing, advocating for and supporting a woman during pregnancy, labor and birth and beyond. During pregnancy, the fetus is nurtured and protected by the constant connection with the mother, and just like the mother nurtures her baby in the womb, the new mother needs to be nurtured. Empowered in her decision in knowing what she wants. Education is key!

Most people may think that we are only there during the labor and birth but there is a lot more involved in supporting a mother. We build a bond with our mothers. We provide answers to anxiety filled questions late at night, we are there to provide evidence based resources, but most of the times we are the voice in your ear telling you how amazing you are, how strong you are. A gentle touch and a hip- squeeze here and there.  We are there for you when you transition and step into your role as a new mother, caring for you and your partner in this vulnerable state of time. Doulas make a difference by holding space for the mother, meaning we accept all that she does, all that she is and all that she chooses. We give her the options when she feel like she has nowhere to turn because everyone is saying something different  and with no judgement stand by her. I can give you a lot of stats and numbers but the truth is, if you talk to a mother that has had a doula at her birth you will hear the difference a doula makes. It goes deeper than the human eye can see,  the difference is felt at a deeper level, a spiritual level.

A doula is something special. She gives her all for each woman she supports making soul connections on her journey, a difference that will be forever told to children, grand-children and great-grandchildren. 

                                                                                                                                     – Lots of love 

                                                                                                                                                 M xxx

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