The Role of a Birth Photographer

Birth photography is about capturing and documenting the arrival of your baby.

In this space there are no chances for a do-over or posing (for the matter of fact). When you hire a birth photographer it means you have secured a professional and registered photographer that you trust and feel comfortable with. As a birth photographer and someone that understands the birth space, I aim to not only capture the birth but also those hours leading up to the birth. Those hours before and even after are the key moments that complete your birth story and your birth journey!

The role of a birth photographer is to capture this day in the most professional and discreet way possible, not interupting the natural flow of labor and birth. On the day of your birth you probably won’t even be aware of me. I am there to unobtrusively capture this day and the emotions and feelings that go paired with it.

In my opinion, birth photography is PRICELESS ! Not only priceless but so empowering. Working with moms has shown me that these memories, moments and feelings fade away rather quick. Which is why having those photos to look back on and recall the emotions is worth the money! You will always have these photos to show you how strong and capable you are as a woman. Hiring a professional and registered birth photographer also allows you to be fully present and connected in the moment and with your partner. You can breathe a sigh of relief because you know you have someone to capture every moment and detail just the way you want.

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