How I, a doula, work with birth partners.

I work to support both the birthing person and the partner. I do not replace your partner. Nothing can replace the connection between the woman and her partner, having me there as your doula actually frees up your partner to be fully there and to support you. At the end of the day we make an awesome team to support you in this vulnerable time and space.

I as a doula provide the skills, the experience and the knowledge needed to support and empower both you and your partner in this space. Your partner has the love, the history and inside info on what you like and dislike. When you combine that it makes for a winning team that ultimately leads to a positive and empowering birth experience for everyone involved.

With a doula present your partner can eat, rest and take a break when needed and know that the birthing person is still fully supported. I often hear that a partner is not keen to hire a doula because he doesn’t want to be replaced or he doesn’t want someone interfering, but I can assure you that this is not the case. Most partners are very grateful afterwards because they realize the value that I as a doula have and contribute. A doula is not there to replace your partner, as a matter of fact some couples have said that they feel closer and more connected to each other when their doula was present at their birth.

As for not having someone interfering in the birth. A doula is never there to interfere, I meet my clients where they are when they reach out to me. You and your partner knows whats best for you and I will support and empower you both in every decision you make, with providing you with evidence based research and facts.

Tips for the birth partner from a certified birth doula :

  • See birth as a positive experience
  • Create a calm enviroment, low lights, music that she likes or the birth playlist. 
  • Offer to massage her, hug or hold her and if she declines, that is fine! 
  • Give her lots and lots of love. 
  • Breathe with her. 
  • Keep her hydrated and fed, this keeps her energy up ! 
  • Forget the clock 
  • Be her advocate and make sure she is being listened to ! 

The birth partner plays a special role during the birth experience. I as a doula cannot replace the love and care a birth partner provides. 

If you hire a doula you are not hiring someone that is going to take over or interfere, you are hiring someone that is there to support, empower and hold space for you, no matter what you choose. 

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